Varga Farms has always represented true, New England, small-business agriculture….

Our farm started in Ashford, Connecticut in 1907, as the true American dream for two Czechoslovakian immigrants looking for a life of freedom and opportunity. Beginning as a poultry farm, the business would later grow to include a dairy operation. The farm, and family, then expanded to include a secondary dairy operation in Mansfield, Connecticut, bringing the Varga Farms name to the family.

In 2006, Varga Farms was repurposed to provide premium quality feed hay. Today, the fifth and sixth generation of the family work the farm, maintaining the treasured land and furthering the dreams of inspired ancestors who hoped to create a better tomorrow.

The products and services we provide have changed with time, just as the names of those who sit on the tractor seat have come and gone with the generations. However, we are proud to say our values have always remained the same: at Varga Farms we work with passion, respect our resources, and strive to provide quality products and services to those in our agricultural community.